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Hyperganic changes the way we design physical objects and entire machines.  

By translating manual, laborious engineering processes into computer algorithms, we enable engineers to build highly complex solutions and objects. This turns existing workflows into more scalable and sustainable processes and accelerates the pace of innovation. The results are ready for mass production in digital factories using 3D printing.  

Hyperganic Core is our Algorithmic Engineering platform that empowers you to build and design your own 3D printing application or object. This may be in mass customization of next generation consumer goods, industrial applications, such as heat exchangers, space hardware, bio printing or any other field of engineering. 

Explore existing building blocks and frameworks, use them for your application, your research or to automate repetitive tasks. Join the Core Community to brainstorm ideas, or swap questions and answers. The possibilities are boundless.  

Any questions for us? Please send an email to corerelease@hyperganic.com

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